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In Gujarat, helmets will now have to be worn

Take off the helmet if you put it underneath, the Romanian government has taken a 360-degree turn in Gujarat. The government has submitted a reply in the High Court that the helmet in Gujarat is not compulsory. A public interest petition has been heard in the High Court today for the request of helmet in Gujarat. A notice was given to the state government regarding the helmet. In response to this, the government has not made it mandatory to wear a helmet in Gujarat by submitting an affidavit. The government says wearing a helmet is mandatory for those who sit behind. Police are now likely to prepare to tear down the memo without a helmet. In cities, the government was exempted from wearing helmets.

Helmets compulsory as per Section 129 of the Central Government Act
The public was exempted from wearing helmets in urban areas against the Central Motor Vehicle Act 2019. Helmets are mandatory as per Section 129 of the Central Government Act, but the State Government has decided to suspend the law at present. The decision was conveyed to the people through a press note. After the request of the helmet by the Gujarat government, a letter from the Supreme Court's Road Safety Committee was also sent to all states and Union Territories seeking report on the implementation of the Central Motor Vehicle Act. It also clearly states that the state government has no authority to change the law.

How is the helmet law in Gujarat?

In Gujarat, two-wheeler drivers are required to wear helmets. Particularly with the driver on the back-wheeler, if there is a male, he must also wear a helmet. However, the department exempted women and children under the age of 12 from the provision. A new notification has been issued by the Gujarat Government's Department of Vehicles Affairs, following the Supreme Court's order to change the rules of conduct of transportation. The new notification states that necessary provisions have been made in the Gujarat Motor Vehicle Rules 1989 Rule 193 for wearing helmets in the state of Gujarat. The rule, however, exempted women from wearing back helmets, children under the age of 12, and drivers of two-wheelers with engines less than 50cc.

No Answer the question

કાયદા Under what laws / regulations has the provision for wearing helmets been compulsory? Whole Provision Directive, How is this provision implemented? Provision has been made for the wearing of helmets for two-wheeled motor vehicles under section-1 of the Central Government Motor Vehicles Act, VII and Rule-1 of the Gujarat Motor Vehicles Rules, 2 made under it. The provision of wearing a helmet was made compulsory for the driver of a two-wheeled motor vehicle from the State Government's Notification dated 6-8-8. Subsequently, in the renowned Gujarat High Court, the judgment in Suu Moto SPCA No.1 and its two CCs were exempted from wearing helmets for children and women of up to two years who were sitting behind the driver of the two-wheeled motor vehicle. Therefore, the provision of helmets has become a compulsory implementation in the State since 3-5-4.

માટે For whom is it made compulsory to wear a helmet? Has anyone been exempted? If yes, what is its details? According to Article 1 of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1, Sikh drivers with turban are exempted from wearing helmets. 1/3 (Suomotu) MCA no. The helmets were postponed until 3-5-4, except the highway, with strong submission by inserting 1/3 and 1/3 and finally the 3 cc. Helmets for children up to 5 years old and women riding behind two-wheelers and up to two-wheelers are exempt from wearing helmets.

રાજ Does state government have the power to exempt wearing helmets? If yes, if there are laws / rules then its details yes, yes.

The State Government may make provision by rules of exception to which the State Government may deem fit under section 4 of the Motor Vehicle Act, 1. But with such exceptions, the original purpose of the law cannot be killed.

New rules came into force from September 1st

The implementation of the new Motor Vehicles Act-2019 began on September 1, 2019 in India. There were also fierce protests by the public against other stringent provisions, including monetary penalties, for breach of law. However, the new Motor Vehicle Act seems to be a major source of revenue for the government.

The government gave this because

At a cabinet meeting in Gandhinagar, the state government decided to exempt the helmet on the basis of widespread complaints of harassment and hardship of two-wheelers. Regarding the decision taken by the state government after the cabinet meeting, Transport Minister RC Faldu acknowledged that the government had received complaints from the state for exempting the helmet. Opposition was taking place on social media. In addition, there were social occasions when people approached the crematorium to find a helmet.

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