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Harassment Investigation Into Michigan Republican

Michigan State Senate leaders on Wednesday commented to a reporter for an investigation into Sen. Pete Lucido (R) that a group of schoolchildren could "have a lot of fun" with him.

Prominent leader Mike Shirke (R) and Minority Leader Jim Annich (D) addressed the letter to the Senate Business Office.

"Sexual harassment has no place in the Michigan Senate," he wrote. "We take these allegations very seriously and trust that you will take appropriate action to resolve the matter."

Alison Donahue of Michigan Advance wrote a first-person article of her conversation with the state senator on Wednesday.

She waited outside the Senate chamber to ask Lucido if she was part of a Facebook group violently opposing Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D).

When he got out, about 30 high school boys from his alma mater were waiting. He told Donahue that he would meet the boys after honoring them. They said, "You should turn around!" "You can have a lot of fun with these boys, or they can have a lot of fun with you."

Donahue recalled the boys bursting out in laughter.

When Lucido moved back in with her, Donahue offered her comment and told her that she had found it "unprofessional" and took issue with what "she" was doing. Male colleague or female colleague is over 22 years of age.

Lucido insisted that he was referring to strange boys studying in a male school around women.

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