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How to find the most popular hashtag to get big exposure

They tie conversations about a topic into a stream and sort information by relevance. They give high performance and increase the chances of others finding your content. Marketers can use them in marketing campaigns, in tweet or during events. If used properly, they can help you reach users beyond your followers. How to use hashtags wisely?
Hashtags are popular on all social media platforms, but they operate differently on each of them.

The video suggests that the hashtag works differently on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

The last thing you want is to use hashtags incorrectly. Hashtags are easy to find and easy to connect with. Therefore, too complex, too long people can have the opposite effect and discourage users from interacting.

You have to be specific because very large hashtags can reach a large audience, but they won't be important to them. On the other hand, very wide hashtags are more accurate in reaching niche audiences, but some users may not even be able to search them.

On top of that, studies show that there are too many hashtags under the risk of a post deficiency, so don't overuse them. You don't want your message to sound like vague nonsense.

In this blog post, I will talk about the hashtag on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. In addition, let me show you how to find the most popular hashtags on these social media platforms.

Hashtag on Twitter

Twitter is the place from where the hashtag originated.

Dedicated hashtags enable you to promote messages to reach people beyond your followers. The most popular ones change quite dynamically on Twitter and also vary in different countries.

On the left side of your Twitter dashboard, you can see the most popular hashtags that correspond to a particular user - based on where they are and who they follow. You can change the location to address the audience you want to engage.

Sadly, this box is limited to only the 10 most used hashtags on Twitter. For more results, you can use third-party apps, such as Tagboard, Trendmap, or Brand24.

Print Screen from Brand Screen, a media monitoring tool showing trending hashtags on Twitter
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Many marketers find real-time marketing very effective in their strategy, especially on Twitter, so consider how you can relate to trending topics to create relevant and smart messages that will go viral and get you a big exposure. .

Hashtag on facebook

On Twitter or Instagram, on Facebook, most people's posts are private, so you won't be able to find the hashtags they used.

In simple words - the hashtag system on this platform is not as powerful as other sites.

However, they work in the case of commercial fan pages, which are publicly available. Hashtags can also be used in coordination with marketing campaigns on various platforms. On top of that, you can use hashtags related to current news and events.

Here's how you can find content with the hashtag you're looking for:

Hashtag Search on Facebook

You get posts from your friends, groups and public posts that can use a side menu to narrow down your search:

Image showing popular hashtag on Facebook
Hashtag on instagram
Instagram puts forward photos with hashtags. However, similar to other platforms, it does not favor using them more under one picture. Thanks to the hashtag, your photos can appear in the Explore tab - this is where users with similar interests can find you.

First of all you should find out which hashtags are the hottest. Here you will find the list of the 100 most trending topics on Instagram, however, putting them under your photos at random is the worst thing you can do.

Your hashtag should reflect what the post is about. Make the most of two or three of that list and make sure they are included in your photos naturally.

Companies that succeed on Instagram do not blindly use the most popular hashtags that are not really related to their business. Instead, they apply niche keywords that place images right in front of their target audience.

The hashtag autocomplete feature in Instagram's search engine is a very effective strategy to get inspiration for new hashtags.

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