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What is Back Up iPhone Data to an External Drive

A recent incident reminded me of the importance of regularly backing up your phone. Soon after I did my recycling on the platform, I realized that I had ruined my iPhone six months ago. Q nervousness is brief, followed by deep concern that I have somehow thrown my device into the transparent bag I have left for the world to see.

This led me to shout "Hi Siri" several times around my apartment, until the familiar ringing sound came, revealing my trusted phone was hidden on a stairway under a coat. Oh, is that so.

I don't know if or why I can leave my phone there, but if I don't get it, it would be very bad: months have passed since I was backing up my data. I was fortunate to survive a potential disaster due to my absent tendency.

Save main command location

I bought my current laptop a year ago, and actually had some problems managing backups at first. My partner and I use the same computer to backup our phones, but the increased storage capacity of devices and solid state hard drives are still somewhat expensive, although they appear in more and more systems, space. is more.

Apple requires a lot of storage for its backup, especially because it often stores multiple versions. A 256GB hard drive is no longer enough to run a single system and maintain data security.

Importantly, Apple does not make it easy to automatically sync backups to external drives. Typically, iPhone owners will connect their devices, and Apple will create a directory on the main hard drive and store the backup. It is simple, maybe enough for most people. A redirect trick is required to force iTunes to store the backup elsewhere.

Using windows 10

Here's how to fix the problem on my Windows 10 device. First of all, since I have the ability to run current (but only just), I made a backup of the iPhone in the default location using the normal iTunes sync method, just in case of any crash. I went to the folder that Apple uses to store backups, usually this one:

You should normally replace [username] with your username.

Then hold down the shift key and click the right mouse button to open the command window. There, enter the following:

Of course, you will replace [external drive] with the physical drive letter.
If you want to keep your storage as organized as possible, you can also add subfolders here. So something like this would work:

E: \ MyBackups \ iTunes Backup

Next, you can close the command prompt window, and try to backup your iPhone to see if it works.
Use mac

The steps are the same for Mac systems. You should find the standard backup folder here:

Copy and then remove or rename the backup folder. Then open a station and type it:

ln-s / Volumes / [external drive] / MobileSync / Backup ~ / Library / Applications / Support / MobileSync / Backup
Switch your device on and try to backup your iPhone to see if it works.
Better safe than sorry

Even if you have a large hard drive to handle backups without worry, transferring your data to an external drive has its advantages. If your computer engine falls beyond repair, it can act as a safe external system failure. It also frees up the main drive, so we hope your computer will work for a while.

In both cases, please remember to back up your phone regularly. You cannot put yourself in a position where you wonder for 15 minutes if you throw it into recycling.

Repeat a lot you are probably tired of hearing this: backup, backup, backup. It is important that you backup your data on your iPhone, iPad and Mac so that it is protected in case of failure, loss or theft.

But a large-capacity iPhone or iPad backup creates a large file that needs to be left somewhere, and those of us who rely on a MacBook or other Mac can ignore it with relatively little storage space.

You can work around the problem by supporting iCloud, but iCloud storage is very limited, and you may not want to pay extra space. Which leaves us with an external storage option.

In this tutorial, we show you how to backup iTunes to an external hard drive (which is straightforward) for your iPhone or iPad, and then ask iTunes to return the same hard drive in the future.

How to use Instagram for marketing

Social media marketing is very popular nowadays. It is quite overwhelming to see how companies try different strategies that help to grow their business. Not only does it have a large base of users as your potential customers, but it also has terrific marketing tools.

How to use Instagram for marketing, recreate your techniques and styles in online marketing through these expert-accomplished steps.

Use Instagram marketing tools to schedule future posts

"Free time" seems like a foreign word nowadays. More and more marketers get caught up with their work and they forget about small important things like posting continuously on social media. Marketing is all about consistency, so make sure you are consistent with your campaign.

Use com later and schedule your posts to make sure you won't miss a single date. This innovative tool is perfect for marketers and social media managers, who always have hands full of different tasks.

Instagram guide guides you in choosing the best photo for your ads
This is an excellent opportunity for you to get hints about the kind of picture and editing strategy that will capture the interest of your target audience the most.

For example, trending photographs of the "Follow Me" pair greatly influenced the way they captured interesting travel photographs. Many avid Instagram users were quick to imitate his style, and #follme became the online trending hashtag.

Take advantage of Instagram's bio link to promote your brand

Since Instagram pictures and captions are not linkable, you can maximize your bio links to lead your followers to recent content that you want them to see. Just be sure to include a text like "Go to bio for my information" in your photos. It is an intelligent social media marketing strategy that first hooks you up with your photos, and then leads them to your content, which includes a subtle inclusion of your marketing campaign.

Be sure to link only relevant and high-quality content as Instagram allows you to get only one link. Choose a piece of content that will ensure an increase in your conversion rate.

Use Instagram Stories to show relevant details about your product

Instagram is now following in the footsteps of Snapchat and recently released its own version of 'Stories'. While posting a high-quality photo of your product is enough to gain people's interest, a greater 3D effect will guarantee a larger engagement. By the way, see an article about the difference between Snapchat and Instagram Stories.

However, does it look stunning and attractive on the body of a real person? This is a typical query of most customers who shop online.

So that you can show the details of your products, it would be better to promote them in your Instagram stories in which you (or someone else) can dress for real and capture it live.

You can follow potentially influential in Instagram

If you have not heard of influential marketing, it is high time to give your marketing techniques a thorough rain check. Influencers are now the best way to promote your brand to a wide range of potential buyers. These certified influencers have big names on Instagram and their followers have a solid base. They can get their supporters to do real work and urge them to buy your product.

The good thing is that most of the top dogs in influential marketing are Instagram users. You can see their profile and follow their activities. This is an efficient way to assess if they are compatible and can accurately represent your brand. Just make sure that you carefully look at potential influencers before hiring someone for a short-term social media marketing campaign. Be sure to check out an article about identifying the right influencer for your business.

Scott Duncan is a passionate content writer whose aim is to help businesses and marketers increase their presence in the online market.

How to find the most popular hashtag to get big exposure

They tie conversations about a topic into a stream and sort information by relevance. They give high performance and increase the chances of others finding your content. Marketers can use them in marketing campaigns, in tweet or during events. If used properly, they can help you reach users beyond your followers. How to use hashtags wisely?
Hashtags are popular on all social media platforms, but they operate differently on each of them.

The video suggests that the hashtag works differently on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

The last thing you want is to use hashtags incorrectly. Hashtags are easy to find and easy to connect with. Therefore, too complex, too long people can have the opposite effect and discourage users from interacting.

You have to be specific because very large hashtags can reach a large audience, but they won't be important to them. On the other hand, very wide hashtags are more accurate in reaching niche audiences, but some users may not even be able to search them.

On top of that, studies show that there are too many hashtags under the risk of a post deficiency, so don't overuse them. You don't want your message to sound like vague nonsense.

In this blog post, I will talk about the hashtag on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. In addition, let me show you how to find the most popular hashtags on these social media platforms.

Hashtag on Twitter

Twitter is the place from where the hashtag originated.

Dedicated hashtags enable you to promote messages to reach people beyond your followers. The most popular ones change quite dynamically on Twitter and also vary in different countries.

On the left side of your Twitter dashboard, you can see the most popular hashtags that correspond to a particular user - based on where they are and who they follow. You can change the location to address the audience you want to engage.

Sadly, this box is limited to only the 10 most used hashtags on Twitter. For more results, you can use third-party apps, such as Tagboard, Trendmap, or Brand24.

Print Screen from Brand Screen, a media monitoring tool showing trending hashtags on Twitter
बनाएं Create your free account and test brand 24 for free! The test lasts for 14 days during which you can discover the beauty of media surveillance!

Many marketers find real-time marketing very effective in their strategy, especially on Twitter, so consider how you can relate to trending topics to create relevant and smart messages that will go viral and get you a big exposure. .

Hashtag on facebook

On Twitter or Instagram, on Facebook, most people's posts are private, so you won't be able to find the hashtags they used.

In simple words - the hashtag system on this platform is not as powerful as other sites.

However, they work in the case of commercial fan pages, which are publicly available. Hashtags can also be used in coordination with marketing campaigns on various platforms. On top of that, you can use hashtags related to current news and events.

Here's how you can find content with the hashtag you're looking for:

Hashtag Search on Facebook

You get posts from your friends, groups and public posts that can use a side menu to narrow down your search:

Image showing popular hashtag on Facebook
Hashtag on instagram
Instagram puts forward photos with hashtags. However, similar to other platforms, it does not favor using them more under one picture. Thanks to the hashtag, your photos can appear in the Explore tab - this is where users with similar interests can find you.

First of all you should find out which hashtags are the hottest. Here you will find the list of the 100 most trending topics on Instagram, however, putting them under your photos at random is the worst thing you can do.

Your hashtag should reflect what the post is about. Make the most of two or three of that list and make sure they are included in your photos naturally.

Companies that succeed on Instagram do not blindly use the most popular hashtags that are not really related to their business. Instead, they apply niche keywords that place images right in front of their target audience.

The hashtag autocomplete feature in Instagram's search engine is a very effective strategy to get inspiration for new hashtags.

How to create a killer distribution strategy for your app

Your app is ready (the best according to you) and you are planning a launch soon and it is really good. But before you go ahead and execute your plan, think if you have your own marketing and distribution strategy. trust me! Your app is not just about to launch in the App Store, nor is it one of a kind. Even if you have created a unique product for customers, you will still find some such competitors in the market, if you just conduct your research.

In fact, you should know that Apple has also introduced a separate section for the "Best New Update" app, which enhances the search capability of apps that release updates even after release. Let's discuss the top 5 strategies that will give you an advantage over the distribution and marketing of new apps:

1. Release early and release again and again

You may have heard this a lot of times but it is really an important factor to develop a user base and to attract investors' attention. You should start paying attention to the core features of the app, followed by platforms like Product Hunt and Hacker News so that you can catch some early adopters before building the new framework. After all, how do you know if your audience really likes the product unless you have a strong user base?

2. Find Niche

There are two etiquettes in which you can differentiate your product into a market that is already so crowded - introduce features that will not target or target a particular niche in any other app in the store. However, these two strategies are not entirely mutually exclusive. For example, QUAD has a unique feature that it can send messages to 50 people at the same time.

3. Optimize for the App Store Optimize for the App Store

Just as you have to optimize the website for search engines, your app must also optimize for the App Store. As the most important step, ensure that the title, as well as the description of the application, contain relevant keywords. This may sound like a minor factor, but remember that whenever someone searches for a relevant keyword, your app's name won't appear in the store, it doesn't exist at all. In fact, most app development and marketing companies started including app store optimization as an integral part of their strategic process.

4. Be Exclusive

Market your app in a unique way. Develop people's interest and attract them in such a way that they ask to download it, instead of trying it out. For example, you can initially launch it for some people and allow others to download it by inviting them. This will make them inquisitive and help you gain an audience by word of mouth marketing.

5. Producing in social media call to action

Social media is the most powerful marketing tool available on the Internet today, so you should take it to the optimum level.  In addition, you can also provide reward points or any other incentive for each referral share.

final thoughts ...
Creating an app in the form of Snapchat or Angry Birds is probably something that every good developer can achieve but what it does is marketing and promotion. The best way to take care of your app promotion is to start creating a marketing strategy from the day you start development.

Author Bio:
Ashish Sharma is a key account manager at WeDigTech, a hub for Indian app developers skilled in iPhone app development and Android app development.  Connect with WeDigTech on Twitter.

500,000 people have asked for online recommendations since January 2016

There are various factors influencing our purchasing decisions. Sometimes we make up our mind based on an advertising campaign, we check review sites and, for example, check the rating of a brand on Facebook, or it is the loyalty of the brand that makes one product on another Leads to choose. Since celebrity endorsements have been on the decline for the past few years, they have peer recommendations that we rely on the most. It turns out that in today's digital world, hundreds of thousands of people turn to social media to find those recommendations.

I have spent the last 9 months asking "anyone can recommend?" Or "Where can I buy? See how many phrases have been mentioned so far this year:

While "Where can I buy from" can obviously be encountered online and more often, this is the second question we're going to take a detailed look at for a start.

Hard data as you can see on another screenshot, "Anyone can recommend? A large proportion of those mentions appeared on Twitter, where forum users asked questions 67682 times, making up 65.6% of the whole. Facebook comes in second place with 29601 results and 28.7%. These two social networks make up 94.3% of all mentions.

The problem is that most tweets or Facebook status updates remain unanswered, neither by friends nor… by brands!

Now, with the images below, we come to the question driven by an even greater purchase intention, which is "Where can I buy?". With more than three million mentions online, it has been posted three times more often than "what anyone can suggest" so far this year. Twitter is used even more here as 73.3% people chose this platform for advice. Surprisingly, blogs come in second place, with Facebook ahead with 7.8% and 6.4% respectively.


One of the latest features that we launched in June is that we can get collected mentions. Apart from a spike lasting less than a month, you can see that in the same way "anyone can recommend?", There is no engagement with users. If a lot of people ask for recommendations online, it really bothers me a lot about why there are so few brands tapping into those conversations. After all, is there a better way to sell on social media than to reach people who ask such direct questions? It is not just the money that can be earned. Social media can be seen as a company that cares about customers and potential customers, which can also boost brand reputation.

hard data

Considering the fact that social media is becoming more and more popular channels to make new customers responsible, the images above only prove that even Twitter itself is a goldsmith of potential sales opportunities .

It takes a long time to build your online reputation, but seconds to destroy it. When making a purchase decision, people consult peer-driven media and look for information about the company through search engines, social media and blogs, which were done in previous years.

According to the 2016 Edelman Trust Barometer, "search engines are more reliable than traditional media", with 71% of people using search as a source of their information, and 67% using social for that purpose.


For that reason, maintaining a positive online reputation is very important. One way to do this is by tracking what is being said about your brand.

how to get started?
1. Create a social listening project
Start a free trial of our tool - once you register, you are going to see it:

1. Create a social listening project

2. Monitor your company name
Track your company name and key product name. Now let's look at this more closely - I have chosen a company called Manduka to serve as an example. He is a producer of quality yoga mats, and has a large following on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

whatsapp chat tricks: know who chat more with you

whatsapp chat tricks: know who chat more with you