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What is HP Reimagining the Future

I came to know the future when I visited the HP Innovation Center in Barcelona, ​​Spain, last week. The company has taken some aggressive steps to blend its printing and imaging technologies to create its products that will redefine our future in the near future.

HP also offered less magic. I mean when you can imagine in physical products, what would you call it?

I'll share some thoughts on what that might mean for us, and I'll end with my producers for this week: running shoes on display at the HP event. Called "Genesis", it can revolutionize both entertainment and professional sports - not just jogging.

Create magic

Arthur C. One of Clarke's famous laws is that sufficiently advanced technology will look magical. What I saw last week in Barcelona is very close.

As you can see, HP has demonstrated two technologies that can be used simultaneously to create physical fantasy products. These products have become increasingly usable as complex printed mechanical products - not just parts. In vision the ability to use metals, composite metals and composite electronics.

HP Fusion Jet 3D Printer

Most 3D printers on the market produce parts that cannot be used for anything other than prototypes. The result can be visually reassuring, but the material used does not compare in strength, to any other form of construction. Printers that produce usable parts are expensive, and they produce only parts in relatively small quantities.

For example, a few years ago, a company proved that it could automatically 3D print for 45. It was impressive because it worked and because it was about 20 times more than a conventional gun.

The HP Jet Fusion 3D printer produces parts that compete with the metal option in many cases and costs less than one-tenth of those options (in small quantities). This means that the parts can be used not only for cost-effective prototyping, but also for short-term and customized production offerings.

The range of products that printers can produce is very impressive and uniquely effective. For example, you can print a car entrance that completely takes into account the dynamics of the air, and allows the airflow to uniquely match the racetrack, driver, and even possible weather conditions. . This is something that no other method can do because you can use fluid modeling to adjust the design before sending it to the printer for production.

Orthotics and prostheses can be computer generated to provide a unique match for individual users. The helmet can be printed according to the user's compatibility. Spare parts for repairing old equipment that are no longer produced can be immediately fabricated and installed to keep that equipment in service long after the designator dies.

One of the interesting things I've learned about bike helmets is that the more expensive a helmet is, the safer it is. With these 3D printers, bicycle helmets are not only made very light and comfortable, but also very safe.

I should add that its printer technology allows the plastic to be soft or hard, so you can print the helmet and specially equipped lining if you want. The only thing you need to add is tape.

Currently used HP 3D printers have produced 3.5 million pieces - 50% of which were used in production products. HP has over 65 distributors and over 25 specialization centers offering its offerings. Another - printer 300/500 - will print in color. There are 140 3D printed parts inside.

Immersive VR - a virtual transition to physical

Through VR headphones and backpack workstations, you can use design software, design mold products in a three-dimensional space. Then, you can interact with these products, improve them and even run them with a software emulator to learn how they work.

Finally, you can use the setup as a sales tool to help customers choose product versions, colors, and accessories before ordering and producing. Given, with every similar product, additional progress is required on controllers, so hand tools may be of more natural character. HP is also producing more industrial speakers. However, the experience was absolutely amazing.

However, when you consider mixing HP 3D solutions and 3D printed solutions, things start to get real attention. It is currently the only company that has equipment

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