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What is HomePod Gets Multi-Room Audio Chops With iOS 11.4

Apple on Tuesday released iOS 11.4, the latest version of its mobile operating system, which has some advanced features for Smart HomePod wireless speakers.

The update allows users to pair a stereo with a HomePod. It also supports multi-room streaming via an AirPlay 2 connection. Music can be played in each room using HomePod. It can be the same music in each room, or the music can be designed for each room.

AirPlay can be controlled through iOS app or iOS control center or Apple's digital assistant Siri.

Jonathan Collins, research director at ABI Research, notes that the ability to control transmissions without using a large device.

"This makes Apple's home audio system more flexible and vulnerable, making portable devices responsible for downloading and streaming audio to speakers at home," he told TechNewsWorld.

Apple's strategy progress

Dina Abdel Rezek, a research analyst at Park Associates, said that incorporating multi-room functionality into HomePod is developing your brand new strategy.

work to create an immersive audio experience that is a natural step for Apple."

While this is a natural step for Apple, it may not be a natural step for market progress.

"Apple has created one hell of a speaker, but it's for a market that wants a hell of a digital assistant," said Rob Enderle, senior analyst at the Inderle Group.

Siri a challenge

Despite the improvement in the experience of HomePod in the latest version of iOS, Apple smart speakers have some major challenges.

Since the HomePod smart headphones came late to the party, its main competitors - Amazon with Echo, and Google with Home - have entered the market deeply. What's more, he leaves his rivals in the software department.

"The HomePod Challenge is Siri - an assistant behind the competitive assistants in cognitive abilities and feature sets," Parks said.

He points out that Amazon and Google are constantly improving to understand the context and cognitive capabilities of digital assistants. As a result, customer satisfaction rates with digital assistants at Amazon and Google are 54 percent higher than Siri's 44 percent.

"Apple has not taken Siri seriously until recently," Anderley told TechNewsWorld. "They considered it as an advantage rather than a competitive advantage."

Play in the margins

Apple also failed to recruit third-party support for Siri.

"Amazon and Google want your agents to reach you from a wide range of third-party products," says Ross Rubin, senior analyst at Retina Research. "It's not more about it in two weeks at the Apple Developer Conference, but we can hear more about it," he told TechNewsWorld.

These speakers are expected to speak to Bang & Olufsen, Bluezound, Bose, Bowers & Wilkins, Dannon, Libratone, Marantz, Marshall, Naim, Pioneer and Sonos soon.

Even keeping in mind outstanding HomePod pricing and improved audio focus, the demand was mild compared to demand.

"As long as HomePod is tightly integrated with Apple devices and streaming services and at a higher cost than front-end smart home controllers, the device will remain on the edge of the broader smart home market."

"In the absence of full smart speaker features, the HomePod places a lot of emphasis on those in the Apple ecosystem who want built-in speakers and don't already have a

"It targets a less serviceable market than Google Home and Amazon Alexa," he told TechNewsWorld.

Loyal customer base

HomePod Shipments, at 600,000 units in the first three months of the year, tracks Amazon, which shipped 4 million units, and Google, which shipped 2.4 million. However, Apple still gets about a billion dollars in revenue from smart speakers.

"In these situations, Apple has the most successful home speakers on the market today," said Tim Stragan, head of Creative Strategies.

"Price will always be a challenge, but if quality increases and more functionality increases, it will sustain itself and be a great source of revenue for Apple," he told TechNewsWorld.

Apple has an advantage over its rivals in one area: it has a strong network of loyal brand customers.

A recent survey found that nearly a third of consumers found two or more Apple products, Park.

"A is the only player who is consistently loyal to the platforms," ​​Parks A.

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