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What is Could BlackBerry Displace Apple

I do not predict here - I am thinking about this possibility. I spent a day with BlackBerry last week and brought back memories of how Apple displaced the company a decade ago. I, like many people at the time, thought that what Apple was trying was impossible. However, after the truth, it did not seem difficult.

Can Blackberry Remove Apple?

BlackBerry has largely completed its software and service hub, but it seems that a wave of new phones will soon be coming to market from its partners. Now, BlackBerry won't try to replace Apple, so it's a "what if", given what the company has done for Apple.

John Chen, the CEO of BlackBerry, exceeds Steve Jobs like Tim Cook, and Apple is hardly at the top of its game right now.

I'm going to make some serious speculation and then close with my manufacturer for this week: Holly sniper EFI that can make your old car work like a new one.

Magic trick of steve jobs

If we go a little over a decade, Apple was dominant on the iPod, but Steve Jobs felt that smartphones had the potential to absorb and dislike this market. In anticipation of that wave, he first partnered badly, but learned from his mistake and then developed his own device. Jobs decided to destroy the iPod and cause serious damage to this market as Apple's smartphone hub. During this process, he forced Palm out of the market, and dropped Research in Motion (formerly Blackberry name) on his knees.

Even Microsoft has been badly damaged, and the market is in turmoil to fire Bill Gates, his best friend, CEO Steve Ballmer. Anyone who has suggested that any of these things will happen before the iPhone is charged may cause laughter on the platform. But it is not too late, it seems impossible at all. Steve Jobs makes it easy.

Ironically, both Palm and Microsoft had people who devised plans for a product like the iPhone before Apple. However, executives at both companies thought the ideas were stupid, and that anything other than focusing on these devices was stupid. He kills the program, only to lose his jobs because Apple bombed him because of his wrong ideas.

I think the real irony is that Jobs saw a danger that he thought was a shared vision, but he was the only CEO who held it at the time. Since Apple was the launcher for Android, it makes you wonder if Jobs still didn't have this hub if we had iPods and Blackberries.

The market change came with a lot of pain - not only for companies like Nokia, Palm and RIM, which were prominent, but also for users. Keyboard phones can be used visually - you can feel the keys. Commercial applications were not many or scattered. You can use these old phones and do something more easily at the same time.

With screen-based phones and virtual keyboards, people should see devices. It performs multitasking while on the move or becoming more dangerous, resulting in a large number of accidents and fatalities, and incites laws that prohibit the use of smartphones while driving.

As a side note, interest in mobile phones is growing again, suggesting that the market is looking for change.

New vs old apple

Apple for this contract is quite different from Apple over the past decade. Under Jobs, the company launched and maintained the iPod, iPhone and iPad. During this decade, the company essentially killed off the rest of the iPod, saw a decline in the iPad, and halted the iPhone's growth (increased revenue came from higher prices, not increased sales).

The Apple Watch did not go up, although it was the best in its class. Mac is back in decline due to losing both Microsoft and HP. The HomePod is, at least now, an embarrassing failure.

In the past decade, Apple seemed unable to do wrong. During this decade, he seemed unable to do the right thing. If the US continues on the path of a trade war with China, Apple may retreat due to declining sales in China.

The company still has huge financial resources and remains highly profitable, but was apparently out of the game when it was executed. The need to maintain its margins has led to litigation with one of its largest suppliers, which forces it to use lower components from companies such as Intel.

This is to say that compared to the past decade, Apple is currently disorganized. Seems to be opposing the market trend. By the way, I don't think it's because Apple's products are absorbing - because they've lost demand and marketing capabilities and funded for jobs.

This is not an uncommon problem, by the way. CEO error in textbooks - literally, error in most of the 101 marketing courses - is to reduce marketing to increase margins. However, some senior executives have taken care of 101 marketing.

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