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The Teens Falling Away From Facebook

A Pew Research Center study released on Thursday indicates that 95 percent of teens have access to smartphones and 45 percent of teens almost always communicate - but young Internet users don't connect with Facebook as their older peers do. Although Facebook has dominated social media in all age groups over the past decade, today it has captured YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat among teenagers.

Survey results indicate that Facebook is still used by more than half of adolescents between the ages of 13 and 17. One percent of the respondents reported using the social networking service. However, 85 percent reported that they actively use YouTube, 72 percent said they regularly use Instagram, and 69 percent have used Snapchat.

Facebook outpaced Twitter, with only 32 percent of teens polled, and Tumblr, which got only 9 percent. Reddit came in at 7 percent.

For any social media service, in which teens surveyed the most, Snapchat ranked first with 35 percent and identified it as the most frequent option, followed by YouTube with 32 percent and Instagram with 15 percent. Facebook was by far the fourth as only 10 percent of respondents identified it as the service they used the most frequently.

In contrast, Twitter had only 3 percent respondents. Reddit fell by 1 percent and Tumblr by 1 percent.

Changing patterns among teenagers

Kishore's social media habits have changed since 2015, when Pew conducted his final survey on the subject. According to the survey, only 24 percent of teens entered the Internet "almost permanently", nearly half of their number today.

Facebook was the dominant social media service among teenagers three years ago, with 71 percent saying they used it and 41 percent saying they used it to the fullest. Twenty-five percent of teens use Instagram, and 20 percent use it the most.

Google+ and Vine, which were used by 33 percent and 24 percent of teens respectively in the 2014–2015 survey, were not included in the latest report. In contrast, YouTube, currently the top-rated service, has yet to be selected from the most popular online teenage options in previous reports.

Less facebook

The most obvious variation between the two questionnaires is Facebook use by adolescents. A large part of them have moved away from Facebook to adopt other services.

On the other hand, social media consultant Lon Safco said, "Facebook is unprecedented." "The teen never embraced Facebook from the start. He felt it was too open, and he was attracted to Snapchat," he told TechNewsWorld. "To them, it looked like a safe platform, where they write anything or the photo fades after 20 seconds."

Safco said that teens are also attracted to Pinterest, but only briefly, because Instagram replaced most of the other options.

Face Save (Book)

How Facebook can be relevant to younger audiences is a question.

"The news should be related to Facebook, although some postings are related to Instagram, which is also owned by the company," said Greg Sterling, vice president of strategy and insights at the local research association.

“The social media platform will continue to be the foremost social platform and Snapchat is one of the sites that attracts teen users from Facebook, always dominating younger users. Division of teenagers. "

For the next point

The changing tastes of young social media users are consistent with adolescent behavior in general. They rarely follow what the previous generation loved in music, fashion or other pop culture trends.

With social media, however, there may be other factors explaining why today's youth are moving away.

Safco said one possibility is that "they don't want all of Facebook's features."

"They just want to show their small group of invited friends what they do, wear or listen to - and teens are more involved than ever."

"It's that they communicate with their tribe and stay connected - they don't want fake news, political nonsense, motivational memes, advertisements or spam," he said. "So they don't send an email. ... Young people will always share and stay in touch with their tribe, but they will only do so in a protected private environment."

Facebook may be able to reconnect with teen audiences - if not directly and then through its other services such as Instagram. In the future, Facebook may be the place to re-connect after 20 years.

"Depends on the continued growth of Facebook, as these teens grow up and have different events in life, they can embrace Facebook again," LSA Sterling said. “But I am also sure that Facebook will continue to make competitive changes and adjustments to try to attract and retain teenagers.

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