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The Echo for Kids, Retro Voice Assistants, and a Second Snap

Welcome to Gadget Dreams and Nightmares, a column that tries to get rid of the frightening possibility of history on Facebook to focus on something more interesting: gadget ads!

This time we will see the Amazon Echo, updated Oculus, old-fashioned smart speakers and the latest Snapchat glass for children.

As always, these are not reviews, and you should not invest too much in labels: they just serve to convey how interested I am in trying out each item.

Little echo

Amazon is trying to connect with younger members of the family to use its Alexa voice assistant to release a smart speaker for children.

The Echo Dot Kids Edition (pictured above) includes a rubber case that protects the Echo Dot standard and a two-year alternative policy without questions. This includes a one-year subscription to FreeTime Unlimited, an Amazon subscription service for children's books, videos, games, educational apps, and Alexa Skills.

FreeTime Unlimited has parental control and improves Alexa's experience in children's brains. It does not capture non-child-friendly functions, such as e-commerce and news, while allowing parents to set deadlines and prevent explicit songs from playing on Amazon Music. Mothers and fathers can also use Alexa to send positive comments when the child says "please" to ask for something.

What it sells to me (well, if I have a child in the appropriate age range to use it, at least) is that the freetime version of Alexa is set to recognize the loud sounds of children's voices. It also recognizes incorrect words including "awakes". It is beyond adorable.

On the downside, you can train your children to know how to take care of your resonance, interrupt what you are seeing or hearing, or can cause associated lighting problems. . There may be a problem in the future.

Tomorrow's radio alarm clock

Staying with the voice assistants for a moment, the Como Audio Amico speaker system provides a touch of 1980s design. I enjoy its beauty and include many modern features like Bluetooth and music streaming, and the latest version of Google Assistant.

Speci pack in speaker and 3 inch speaker. The rear port helps to enhance the sound by allowing sound filtering. It comes in black and green. There is an optional battery to convert the speaker into a portable speaker.

This is odd, as it seems contradictory to provide a voice assistant in a speaker that fit into Thomas Magnum's house 30 years ago. I enjoy the beauty, although the walnut will work well with my new furniture.

visual acuity

Following the launch of independent VR headsets, Facebook gave a look to the future, and introduced the Oculus prototype that offers a broader view.

Called "Half Dome", the name includes a new feature for VR headsets: lenses that come close to the wearer's face. This varifocal feature is designed to better focus on the great objects near your eyes during the VR experience. Therefore, if you have picked up a global book, you can read the text more clearly.

It is unclear whether Half Dome uses eye tracking technology or can determine the relative position of the in-game element to make lens moves, but this feature should help eliminate certain sections of vision that Distort a virtual experience and pull it out of reality. I hope that when I hold the phone a few inches from my face in virtual reality, my eyes adjust as fast as you do in real life.

Close this

Snap, the company behind Snapchat, still believes for some reason that people want to move around using cameras on their faces.

The Spectrum 2 has slimmer bezels and more color options than premium lenses. The camera is unclear as it is water resistant and is easy to use for fast video inside the pool. Those who really need prescription glasses can also add prescription lenses to their frames.

I still wonder why anyone is rushing to wear sunglasses with their cameras, but prescription lenses and waterproof features are easy to use. It is also smart to add another mic to record more clearly than those wearers.

I think it's fairly obvious that I don't care much about her experience, but at least I should applaud Snap for its continued effort to diversify its revenue streams. Now you might think that Instagram has eaten her lunch.

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