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The Budget-Friendly Surface Tablet May Horn In on iPad's Turf

Microsoft plans to launch a series of Surface tablets for $ 400 later this year, Bloomberg reported on Wednesday, citing unnamed sources.

The tablet will have a 10-inch screen and rounded edges and a USB-C connection - the first on a Microsoft tablet. It will be about 20% lighter than the Surface Pro. According to the report, the battery life will be four shy hours of the 13.5-inch Surface Pro.

"It's possible that this communal surface is the real deal," said Eric Smith, director of connected computing in analytics.

Intel for courage

The new tablet will reportedly have CPUs and Intel graphics chipsets.

"Low battery life screams at Intel instead of ARM-based processors," Smith told TechNewsWorld.

Andle Group senior analyst Rob Anderle said: "They were always likely to switch iPad connected products to Qualcomm's Snapdragon processors that are always in line with the connected PC's efforts."

"However, I expected it to be closer to the second generation offerings," he told TechNewsWorld. "It seems many early quarters of that - and if so, the tour may be Intel-based."

Microsoft said last year at Computex in Taipei that it would partner with multiple hardware vendors and always use Intel and Qualcomm in their connected PCs on connected devices - a suite of Windows 10 computers that can run instantly with LTE connectivity Built-in, all-day battery life and built-in eSIM technology.

Sell ​​school children

Smith suggested strategy analytics, "Unlike the needy, enterprise users and MacBook adapters, Microsoft is targeted with Surface Pro and Surface Book, the new Surface-in Chrome Chrome-based detachable market that opens this year."

He said that HP and Acer "have already jumped in to address already underpowered consumer segments with productivity in Chrome OS," and pointed out that "Microsoft strengthens the Windows ecosystem by using new types of devices" Is looking for a way to do that, to compete against 2 in 1 detachable laptops. "

Smith said the education market is a potential target.

Target the enterprise

Your new surface line can target your organization.

From the beginning, Surface products have targeted Apple, Anderle said, but "they are still useful despite battery life and appearance."

The new Surface tablet is likely to be targeted at the "10.5-inch iPad Pro, which has performed extremely well, as it handles relatively low-cost space for users who appreciate the mobility and modern touch of their productivity machines We do."

The new Surface tablet is likely to be a company that focuses on preventing the iPad's entry into this market, as Anderle suggested.

He said: "Apple has not already adopted the needs of IBM and Cisco Enterprise Partners, and both are likely to prefer products like the old ThinkPad offer from IBM." "IPad still focuses too much on the consumer."

The lead analyst for Constellation Research, Holger Mueller, said that if the lower-priced Surface tablet is "a more natural companion device to the PC than the iPad", it would use the same software.

He told TechNewsWorld, "Microsoft has a huge batch going on right now in the future workplace." "If Microsoft is working properly, it can create a more productive and integrated workplace."

Muller suggested that the main goal should be developing countries.

He said that Apple "has largely won the first world, but the rest is the best. The fight for the poor of the second world and the third world as a platform with full fuss."

"Overall, the tablet market continues to suffer from price pressures, opening on smaller sides and wider convertible computers," Smith said. Our research shows that the tablet market fell 7 percent in the first quarter of the year. 2018 is putting us in decline year after year for the third consecutive year. '

Alison Day, senior marketing manager at Dell Technologies, gave an interesting speech at this year's Dell Technology Summit. Marketing managers in technology companies are rarely successful, largely because everyone and their brothers - both in the company and the analyst community they cover - feel they know more about marketing than CMOs. Sometimes this is justified because the company foolishly took some random engineers and pasted them with the CMO title on their foreheads and asked them to achieve some unspecified goals that are generally outside their jurisdiction.

Intel has been in chaos for a long time in this decade. An example of this chaos is a very rigid culture that is particularly aggressive towards behavior towards women and technical OEMs who have those OEMs who are aggressively searching for alternatives. Well, I talked to Bar Vice Intel, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer, and I talked to Dell Technologies, and things have changed for the better, a lot.

It is time to consider that the PC market is over. Dell achieved strong sales, customers were never happy, and the relationship (with one exception) improved between OEM, Intel and Microsoft. We have come a long way in the last decade.

The online media search cited the health of Rob Anderrell as one of the world's most influential technology experts. Leveraging respected world-class IT industry analytics skills at Dataquest, Giga Information Group and Forrester Research, Rob has created a valuable and experience leveraging industry advancements to reach business strategists and maximize business profits. Leveraged the power of the information channel as a channel to provide insight-based.

As President and Principal Analyst for the Endley Group, he provides guidance to regional and global companies on how to establish a reliable dialogue with the market, target customer needs, create new jobs, anticipate technological changes Apply, select vendors and products, and practice zero dollar marketing.

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