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The Android P Tackles Phone Addiction, Distraction

Google on Tuesday unveiled some major new features in the next version of Android for mobile devices.

Now in public beta, the operating system known as "Android P" includes features designed to address growing concerns about phone addiction and distraction.

For example, the dashboard will show users how often and when each app has been used on their phone. What's more, they can set a time limit for usage.

With the help of artificial intelligence, Android P will also see how the user handles notifications. If notifications are passed continuously from an app, Android P will recommend turning off notifications for that program.

Do not disturb mode is enhanced in Android P. Users will be able to adjust the mode so that the prompts do not appear on the notification screen at all, not even in the notification tray.

The mode can only be activated by placing the phone on a flat surface. If your phone is set to work separately from individual apps, it can be configured to mute all apps at once using the single switching feature.

In addition, there is a "filter" feature that will take the phone into Do Not Disturb mode while the user is asleep.

Anti addiction

New app dashboards and mute notification features are targeting a growing social focus about smartphones.

"Google makes the product easier and faster to deal with some of the problems associated with smartphone addiction," said Rob Enderle, senior analyst at the Inderle Group.

It clashes with Android, iOS's main competitor.

Enderl told TechNewsWorld: "Apple is more focused on ensuring privacy and does not aggressively address the drug problem."

It remains to be seen whether users will benefit from the tool.

"People have to pay more attention to it - but like any addiction, they probably feel they can handle it without any help," Anderley said.

IHS Market Technology senior analyst, Garrett Schneemann, said the success of the features would depend on Google.

"If Google focuses on things like" finish "to expose users to prospects, I think there may be a drag. However, users' reliance on dashboard searches will be a widespread problem."

More than good

In addition to the new digital luxury features, Android P will provide a new way to navigate the phone.

There is a familiar home button, but with behavior modification. With the new gestures, the user hits to get an overview of the open application, as well as a swipe to go into the app drawer.

The back button is still present, but is only visible within apps.

Google added edit screenshots to Android P, allowing users to encode screenshots without using any other apps.

Google also injected Smart to search for apps in Android P. When you do a search, things that work with the app appear next to its icon. So if you are looking for an app to share a ride, for example, the results may include a button to encourage riding.

The Android P team has partnered with DeepMind on a new adaptive battery feature that improves App Edition, noted Dave Burke, vice president of Android engineering.

"Adaptive batteries use machine learning to prioritize access to system resources for applications that are of interest to the user," he wrote in an online publication. "This puts applications running in groups with different restrictions using four new" application buckets "ranging from" active "to" rare ". Apps will change groups over time, and applications that are not in the" active "group Will ban: Alarm, Network and Firebase Cloud high priority messages. "

Personal touch

The Android P Show indicates that Google wants to make the operating system more personal and user-friendly, as pointed out by Bert Blau, Cartier's research director.

"Android has a lot of new features, but they all focus on how Google users get more comprehensive and personal interaction with technology," he told TechNewsWorld.

With Android P, Google is taking a step to use less technology, according to Blau Maintenance.

"They say that you don't need technology at every last point of your life every day." "You may need more efficient technology with less interaction. With Android P, Google is working to get rid of hard edges. Over time, this means that what you'll see is Android that makes the person Provides more services. "

From the point of view of the feature and user interface, Android P is one of the most important versions of the operating system in a while, as noted by Retail Research chief analyst Rob Rubin.

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