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How to Tech Career Checklist Aggressive Diversity, Cold Cash

I believe that many of us do not prioritize our work properly. What caught my attention recently was my conversation with Dell CFO Tom Sweet at Dell Technology World. We were talking about Dell's problem of attracting employees. Because Dell is a private company, some employees get stock or stock options - they get money instead. This puts Dell at a disadvantage when competing for the best people.

Because I have a basic background in compensation and employee motivation, I wondered if Dell's employees were in privileged positions and not at a disadvantage, and whether the recruitment problem was about overcoming competitive weakness rather than correcting misconceptions Is about

Many of my colleagues have lost their choice over the years - and more recently, given the harassment and diversity issues at most technology companies - I would like to challenge the notion that a company also needs employees who have options Want to cash in and protect a strong employee.

I'll offer my perspective on that, and then close this week with my product: the Mirage Solo, Lenovo's new VR headset.

Commitment to diversity

I don't think it matters how much money you make if you don't feel safe at work. I spent some time talking to Michael Dell at Dell Technology World, and one of his comments was actually suspended with me. He said that if he arrests anyone who abuses a woman or minority, he will personally ensure that they are prosecuted within the full scope of the law. For some of the recently exposed assailants, a 50-year prison sentence would be appropriate, he said.

There are not many officers who have such passion. If you are a member of a group that is usually harassed or beaten up, it is likely that you have a preference for working with someone at the top who takes aggressive steps to solve the problem. Do you believe

I also spent some time talking to Brian Reeves, chief diversity officer of Dell. In my view, the role of Chief Diversity Officer is more of a form than is required in many companies. Some people have a lot of strength, and are often exploited by the company to deliver the form they are given. If you hire practices or talk to groups in the company that have been abused, it would be a paper tiger rather than a change factor.

Because Brian has the full support of Michael Dale and Karen Quintus (Dale's strongest woman), he has teeth in place. He was instrumental in leading the overall strategy of the company.

If you are a member of a group that is commonly misused, I now think that on your choice of companies, you should ask for an interview with the company's senior diversity officer. Make a decision about whether the person in this role will rub your back or pacify the mainly abusive managers.

Cash vs options

One of the events that really stuck with me when I worked at IBM years ago was the stock crash. Before this happened, a lot of officials, as we got them, were millionaires on paper. Many households bought expensive cars on credit, relying on multiple options to ensure their future and retirement.

The share price then rose from $ 150 to less than $ 40, and it lost millions of dollar options almost overnight. Worse, many of these people were laid off. Many had costly debts, insufficient savings to repay, and heavy debt. It was devastating - but nowhere around a bad dot-com crash after a decade or so.

When the dot-com bubble burst, many people lost their homes and started living in their expensive cars, developing ownership. The transition from rich to homeless is as shocking as it gets.

Even if they had cash instead of options, they would have received money. With cash, you can diversify your portfolio and better protect yourself from catastrophic stock events. Yes, you do not get tax benefits for options, but if the options go under water then these breaks do not help you much.

If you want to see a lot of people who have just reached a productive wall, then move the option price to zero on a large scale. In the long run, employees don't want to talk about anything else, so doing anything - such as bypassing the company - can be impossible. Employees have little impact on the company's valuation individually, and when a stock disrupts money they simply lose it on paper and can withhold the salaries they receive.

The lesson is that although you can build more stock through options, you also have a greater risk of losing everything. I have seen this happen to many people who have never recovered. Options may look better on the surface, but once the risks are taken into account, cash seems to be the best option. This is especially true in volatile markets.

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