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How to Battlefield V May Give Players a More Realistic View of WWII

Battlefield, the famous and popular shooting game that first appeared 16 years ago, has roots dating back to World War II this summer. Battlefield V was unveiled this week in an online presentation hosted by comedian Trevor Noa, who sat down with the game's development team and discussed what players can expect when the title drops.

Battlefield V can give players a more realistic view of World War II
One surprise is that with Battlefield V, Electronic Arts will not use its "premium premium" release structure for downloadable content.

With modern games - including Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 1 (the latest version despite the title) - players can buy a basic game at launch, but then have to pay for the DLC, which includes new maps and additional weapons, new games Mode included.

The battlefield development studio, Dice, chose to get rid of the practice. Instead, I promised an experiment that would not leave some players behind when new content was available.

Talk on second world war

Based on this week's revelation, Battlefield V offers a larger experience with a lot of non-stop action and more familiarity, making teamwork crucial to victory.

Being a lone wolf is a thing of the past. Upon entering the Battlefield V match, players are assigned to a team. The developers suggested that Battlefield V's slogan would be "Stay with your team, play with your team." There will be encouragement to work as a team.

Battlefield V will take the famous "Operation" mode, which was introduced with Battlefield 1, but has been improved. In the dominant mode of operation, players can again take a defensive position or attack. However, as the attacker moves forward, over time - and with each passing day, things get harder.

The fourth day of Grand Operations is "Final Position". Each player gets only one life without any obstacles, plus a basic weapon, limited ammunition, and a chance to win or lose. It has the potential to create a scenario that achieves high bets that are rarely experienced in first-person shooting games.

Customizable teams

Another new mode Battlefield V brings to this genre is "Tides of War", an online campaign reminiscent of Royal Royale and online role-playing games. Players can assemble their team, and each soldier can be customized with weapons, clothing, equipment, and abilities.

During campaigns, players can upgrade their equipment and vehicles - so that if a squad starts with a primary tank they can expect upgrades for successes.

For these reasons, Dice was able to persuade publisher EA to drop the premium card. With this new approach, teams that stick together are not afraid of losing a key member who did not buy the previous expansion.

This form of gameplay may be more intense than in previous games, but it may be the first lottery for fans.

Super Data Research game analyst Reggie McKim said, "Battlefield's franchise is no longer an excellent franchise. It was generally considered a more realistic game than Call of Duty, for example."

"Battlefield becomes more realistic in gameplay and setup," he told TechNewsWorld.

Back to the second world war

Although the preparations for World War II are familiar, what may be different with Battlefield V is that players can live the war in some sense - perhaps not in real time but at least in a linear development that Dice did during Revelation Based on what he said.

When it declines, the game will begin in Europe with the German invasion of Poland, followed by Low Countries and France, the developers indicated. This would be followed by new material connecting the United States in the invasion and war of the Soviet Union.

Players can expect completely different experiences as the game progresses, as the weapons and equipment available in 1939 were more underdeveloped than those introduced in 1944 and 1945.

"It seems like Battleground 1, a natural advance prepared by World War I," McKim suggested.

However, Battlefield V returns to World War II exactly one year after the Call of Duty series of action, after a short trip into the future.

"The game still looks and plays like a typical Battlefield game, and fans will play and play Battlefield V, but EA will have difficulty getting new players off Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII, Red Dead Redemption 2, Fortnite, etc. " Makim suggested.

However, it is possible that there has been a recent exhaustion of the war - not least because it could strike near home.

"I know that I have a lot of understanding among people.

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